How to Make a Pisces Man Fall in Love?


A Pisces man is hard to come by. He is a feeler, a kind and soft person. Which makes him the greatest lover you can meet. But of course, all that good thing comes with a task to overcome. Its not easy to take the heart of a Pisces man because his heart is quite complex and sensitive, if you push the wrong buttons, all your attempt in getting closer to him might crumble all at once. So, to avoid that mess and disappointment, here are some ways on how to make pisces man fall in love again:

This might sound cliche, but this is the best ways on how to make pisces man fall in love again. Even though a pisces man is a kind and forgiving guy, he will quickly leave anything that brings him great negativity.

Compliment something that isnt shallow and common so that he know you are not showing the Signs of Conditional Love . A pisces man, when in love will show the (sign emotional) and this makes him cling to you. There are not a lot of complex and riddling ways on how to make pisces man fall in love again.

How do you make a Pisces Man Fall in Love With You?

Compliment Him. A little attention and love can go a long way for a pisces. ….Dream A Little. ….Stay Grounded. ….Show Your Passion. ….Flirt With Him. ….Take The Lead. ….Show Growth In Your Life. ….Be Romantic.

How do you win the heart of a Pisces man?

Remember, you need to be consistent in your efforts to win his heart and love for you. Just keep in mind a Pisces guy needs a woman that loves, understands, and can be there for him. Be honest, be supportive, be loyal, and be compassionate towards him. Always be optimistic about your efforts and hope for the best!

What a Pisces man wants in a woman?

He seeks someone who values empathy and compassion and his own creative ways. His Sun’s planetary ruler is Neptune, the orb of fantasy, high romance, and escapism. In love, he gravitates to the otherworldly; he wants love to save him from the crass, materialistic world.

What are Pisces man attracted to?

The Pisces man has an active imagination. He wants someone to share his dreams and imaginings with. He’s his best with someone that encourages him to find expression for all he holds within. He’s compatible with Zodiac signs that offer some stability, like Capricorn, or the polarity anchor he finds in Virgo.

So you have fallen for a man who was born under the water sign (February 18 March 20)? Just like opening a floodgate, these guys will get into your head and it’s hard to stop thinking about them. The trickiest part of all is just how difficult they are to read. They are outgoing, yet withdrawn, hard-working, yet prone to lazy days, caring, yet distant – how do you even know what it is they really want?

If you nag him too much about how many hours he is spending at work, then this might put up a red flag that you don’t want to see him achieve. He loves spending days at galleries or modern art museums, and if he knows that the lady on his arm is enjoying herself too then this keeps him very happy.

They are naturally negative creatures when they become stuck in one of these slumps, so to avoid falling into a bad mood yourself try travelling somewhere you enjoy with friends. Walk with confidence, keep an air of professionalism about you and your Pisces man will find you hypnotic. Pisces men love dinner parties, that is if all the guests can benefit him in someway – whether it’s laughing at his jokes or networking for business.

Being a great host isn’t all about prepping delicious food and keeping the drinks topped up, it’s more about making guests feel welcome and comfortable. Allowing a Pisces man the alone time he needs and not worrying when things go quiet is one of the biggest challenges you will face. Pisces men need a lot of “me time” and an opportunity to reflect on life, you will find that when he reemerges your relationship will be stronger.

If you simply can’t cope when he withdraws to his man cave, then you might be hiding self-esteem issues of your own. If you love getting the latest scoop about office romance, or spend hours each evening with your head buried in tabloid magazines, then these might be activities you would prefer to enjoy in your own time. Belching, yawning loudly, swearing in public, getting too drunk, or playing practical jokes are huge turn offs for him.

The best thing is they find even the most simple of gestures romantic, such as bringing them a coffee in bed or leaving a note behind that reads “I love you.”

Hes an artistic soul, often creative and easily inspired. He has a view on life thats infused with a certain kind of magic, even if hes the most scientific gentleman in the room.

He shares that distinction with Cancer and Scorpio, and while those other two souls go through life with a hard shell and a stinger each, the Pisces man is less defensively minded. This is the kind of guy wholl find himself ruminating late at night about someone criticising his appearance, or thinking back over old heartbreaks and wondering where it all went wrong.

Dismissing his fears, chuckling at even his most nonsensical insecurities or calling his doubts and anxieties irrational are a fast track to learning what turns a Pisces man off when dating. Pisces men and women have a unique connection to the inner workings of life and the universe their minds and hearts are strange and vast landscapes they can easily lose themselves in. You can make a Pisces man fall for you by showing an interest in his art, poetry, writing or sculpture.

Share this side of yourself with him freely, and youll be one step closer to finding your Pisces man soulmate. Hell also love you for letting him freely express his ideas and visions something hes likely waited for a long time. However, whether hes larger than life or quiet and distant, one aspect of the Pisces man that you can depend on is that hell become quite bashful when his heart is being bared.

It may be that you need to take the initiative or make the first move, or it may be that you simply have to give signals more clearly or forwardly than usual that its okay for him to approach. The good news is that when you date a Pisces man , your own feminine flashes of intuition and insight wont need much in the way of explaining. In terms of what to avoid doing when dating a Pisces man, or getting closer to him, keep in mind that he cant abide the idea of judgemental behaviour, of cruelty for fun, or gossiping idly about people.

If he thinks hes getting close to someone shallow or controlling, or someone who doesnt have a lighter side and a positive perspective on life, a Pisces man will shut down. Demonstrate that you can see all sides of the story, and that you want a peaceful resolution to things where nobody gets hurt, and youll be unstoppable together. At the very moment he feels abandoned by his partner, the Pisces man withdraws himself heart, body and mind.

However, when it comes to making a Pisces man notice you and getting closer to him, one of the biggest secrets of all is just to become his best friend as well as his partner. This is one man you can trust to go the distance with you, and as you connect, youll find that a Pisces boyfriends traits include loyalty, generosity and commitment aplenty. The Pisces man can sometimes appear to be a complicated character, but truth be told, its simply that he occupies a slightly different kind of reality than the rest of us for most of his time.

Its a private realm of introspection, dreams and grand ideas that he doesnt always have the faith or conviction to bring into reality. When connecting with a partner, one way to guarantee a Pisces man falls for you is to help him lift those ideas from deep within him. He has often felt lacking in support and encouragement in life, meaning he doesnt feel like anyone wants that side of his personality.

Proving yourself flirty and romantic, but also giving, protective and lighthearted, all works wonders in seducing a Pisces man. Try to also remember that your Pisces man has a shy side for the kinds of reasons were discussing here, and he might not always want to make the first move if at all!

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Amp Up Your Flirting Skills

Pisces men He loves his women in jeans and a sexy top, but nothing too revealing. After all he does see himself as the international man of mystery and much prefers his women enigmatic too.

Don’t Be Shy With The Compliments

There is no such thing as complimenting a Pisces man too much, they just can’t get enough of hearing how great they are. From something as simple as laughing at a joke of his to dropping him a message that he “looked great this morning!” it all gives him such a rush.Let him know that you have been telling all your close friends just how wonderful he is and he will be like putty in your hands.

Try Not To Be Superficial

If you’re all about materialistic values and what’s on the outside, then be aware this is a major turn off for any Pisces man. They much prefer to be wooed with wit and intellect than your hairstyle. Unfortunately, vanity is everywhere and can not be avoided, but try to practice mindfulness for at least an hour a week.If you have landed a first date with a Pisces man then this proves that he has seen something in your personality he liked the look of. He isn’t the kind of guy to date a girl just because she’s wearing expensive shoes that’s for sure.

Become Interested In Art History

You don’t need to become an art expert overnight, but if you really want to make a Pisces man fall for you then show an interest in art history. He loves spending days at galleries or modern art museums, and if he knows that the lady on his arm is enjoying herself too then this keeps him very happy.You don’t need to sign up for a degree, but at least brush up on the classics and know your Monet from your Michelangelo.

Show You Have A Charitable Side

Pisces men are very charitable, they enjoy giving back to the community and those in need. There are many ways you can be more involved in charity without making a physical donation; donating your time to help out a local fundraiser, helping out at a bake sale or giving away old clothes/books/shoes to charity shops helps others.The great news is, not only will your Pisces man be happy but you will also feel elated too. Consider it a double win.

Brag About Your Success

Being able to modestly boast about your own success will make a Pisces man fall in love with you. They like their partners to be just as driven as they are. The best way to display your own success is through your actions rather than words.Walk with confidence, keep an air of professionalism about you and your Pisces man will find you hypnotic. A humble brag will always have him listening but don’t overdo it – nobody likes a show off.

Be Willing To Take Control

One truth you will realize about a Pisces man when you’re in a relationship together is that he isn’t a big decision maker. In his professional life he is switched on and driven, but personally he struggles to take control. Start planning dates in advance and let him know what plans you have made for the two of you.Instead of asking, “What takeaway would you like tonight?” ask, “Would you like chinese food tonight?” You will save yourself from an hour of listening to him weigh up all his different options. He will fully appreciate that you are in the driving seat and the one to make all the decisions.

Don’t Indulge In Gossip

A major turn off for any Pisces man is hearing gossip. If you love getting the latest scoop about office romance, or spend hours each evening with your head buried in tabloid magazines, then these might be activities you would prefer to enjoy in your own time.There is a huge difference between blowing off steam about an individual and just repeating lies you have heard about them. A true Pisces finds such idle chit-chat cruel and a waste of energy – so withhold whenever you can.

Always Mind Your Manners

Being courteous and kind to others is a quality every Pisces man looks for in a woman. He doesn’t want you to be subservient, but thinking about others instead of just yourself is something he admires. He wants a lady on his arm to help compliment his gentleman-like demeanor.Belching, yawning loudly, swearing in public, getting too drunk, or playing practical jokes are huge turn offs for him. If these are things you personally enjoy doing then a relationship with a Pisces man might not be suitable for you.

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