How to Sell Your Underwear?


Looking to make an extra few dollars? We have an easy way for you to do this. Sell Used Panties Online on the snifffr website. There are loads of customers who are ready to buy your used panties. Its really easy to make this happen. Follow the snifffr homepage for instructions on how to sell your used panties. Selling used panties online is a fettish that excited many. Sell used underwear today! contains adult material, all persons appearing have expressed to us that they are 18 years of age or older and agree to the Terms of use . For your own safety, snifffr highly recommends that you do not move to other social media platforms to chat.

Some people get off on other peoples dirty underwear. Or socks, tracksuits, or what have you. Some like the strong odor, while others just like the sense of connection that having, or wearing, another persons intimates creates for them. Regardless of the diverse motives behind them, panty fetishes are actually relatively common. From early forums to Craigslist and Reddit and eBay to Twitter and Instagram, fetishists have found a way to use just about every internet tool to find those willing to feed their fetish, easing what might be awkward in-person propositions and transactions.

There are countless horror stories of (usually) women trying to navigate Craigslist or Reddit for months, sinking hours every week into self-promotion, only to field dozens of escorting or hookup propositions or harassing emails. PantyTrust, for instance, grew out of an early used panty forum in which buyers commiserated about the number of dubious or unreliable sellers and created lists of reliable, friendly, and fair providers.

We stick together and help each other out with any issues that may arise, says Mistress Kimberly, who got her start on Craigslist in 2016 before joining Panty Trust, including [ideas on] payment options, packaging and mailing, photos and videos.

Important takeaway: Men who buy used panties want to know who they’re talking to; personalize your profile with some details about your life: your interests and hobbies, what you do for fun, or what you enjoy most about panty selling.

Edit your profile Your privacy is of the highest importance, both
for the protection of your identity and for your personal safety . We suggest creating a separate email account specifically
for to sell used panties, using your preferred nickname.

If you ever receive any harassment,
bullying, or abusive treatment from any member on the site, please report the incident
immediately. * Important takeaway: Always confirm payment is received from your buyer before going forward with an order. Coins are particularly useful for international sellers who cannot find a good way to accept payments from buyers.

Venmo is a spin-off product of PayPal, and unless the name and email you created with your account is anonymous, we recommend using another service or use SP coins. We recommend not sending the used panty sweaty or wet; this will result in a very strong ammonia odor, which is undesirable unless specifically requested. Building trust on Scented Pansy is an important factor in being successful selling panties online.

Here at SP we have a sophisticated review system that allows the seller and buyer to both comment about the experience after a purchase order has been completed. On your listing’s page you’ll be able to mark an item as sold and follow the instructions to ensure a review request is sent. This content can only be accessed via coin payment, so its perfect for users who arent comfortable with off-site transactions.

How to sell used panties? Its easy on! Our range of features make it simple for you to set up your own business and start making sales. Our platform connects you to thousands of buyers who are making used underwear purchases every day. Plus, did you know you can sell other things, like socks, photos and sexting sessions?

filter_vintage A well-written description alongside a variety of high-quality photos and products will have buyers coming back for more. photo_filter lets you explore your naughty side, make friends and grow in confidence in a safe place.

Our aim is to celebrate kink, never judge and let our community enjoy their fetishes in a safe and simple way.

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