What Mythological God Are You?


If you‘re into Greek mythology, then this quiz is for you! The Greek Gods rule! Hermes, Dionysus, Zeus, Ares, Apollo–Which Greek God are you? Let us know how you‘d rule the heavens and Earth and discover what your Godlike powers are! What are you the God of? Check out our Greek mythology quiz.

In a big corporation, aiming for the top. In my personal studio or office.

In the CEO’s office…’cause I’m the boss. Question 3/10 What‘s your perfect romantic relationship? A committed one, you‘ll go to great lengths to make it work.

Shared with my kindred soul. Question 4/10 Someone seriously enraged you today. Only objects though, then you go back to your lover for comfort.

You write about it…let it all out… You provoke a good old fight! Question 5/10 What is your secret weapon of charm? Your whole body is your weapon of choice!

Being able to run at the speed of light. Unlimited access to my super memory. A body foolproof to hangovers!

Question 7/10 What‘s your favorite sport? Kick boxing or wrestling. Partying all night long!

Question 8/10 When you die, what would you like to be remembered for? Question 9/10 Which movie reflects you the best? Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Dead Poets Society. Question 10/10 Where do you feel the most comfortable? Travelling about…on a train, a plane, or a bus…you need to move!

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The mythology of gods from different cultures has lived on for centuries because of the beliefs their followers have. People that worship these deities spend a huge part of their lives trying to learn about them. However, there are some things even the most diligent followers could have missed out on.

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