Why Do I Want to Wear Womens Panties?


The prevalence of this choice — preference, affinity, predilection, fetish however you want to think of it, is not well documented. Little has been written on the topic. Scientific or academic papers or books on the subject are almost nonexistent. Few people have any awareness or understanding of the difference between men who discretely wear womens underwear (and occasionally other lingerie or womens clothing) and cross dressers who strive to emulate women; complete with makeup, wigs and elaborate feminine attire.

In Native Aboriginal cultures, they might even refer to such a man as a 2-spirit — a person who was straight, bi or gay, and manifests both feminine and masculine energies and traits. I am a straight man in my 50s married and I wear panties.if you knew shit about mens underwear you could comment but clearly you dont.

#2 waistbands.panties use an ultra thin waistband almost non existent much more comfortable #3 stretch material holds the junk firmly in place #4 breathability Self explanatory #5 go Fk yourself or go wear boxers with a waistband two inches wide and a half in thick and see how you feel 8 hours later For me, and most other men I know who wear them, it is a simple preference based on comfort, style, variety and economy. From the time I started buying my own clothes, I always preferred what were considered fashion underwear for men, oftentimes in fabrics and styles resembling womens.

As any woman knows, the possibilities are endless, and the variety in mens underwear is paltry by comparison. Just like women, men make individual choices about their underwear based on overall comfort, and the look, fit and feel they prefer. It is ironic in todays culture of openness about sexual and gender identity, and other lifestyle choices, that young and older men are still so much in the shadows when it comes to wearing women’s underwear.

By your mentality wearing a pink shirt might make you suck a do know that clothes dont defy your sexualitydont you? I one caught two soldiers having sex in the latrine while on fire gaurd duty..neither was wearing pink, or panties. Nothing wrong in wearing clothes of the opposite sex if you enjoy it, skirts have been worn by men longer than by women.

I knew a cowboy who did and he claimed they were softer on his butt riding a horse 4 or 5 hours a day. But these were granny panty type women’s underwear, not red lacy frilly thongs so….. Look, I‘m all for people doing their “thing” – as long as they are not hurting others (think of a gay man who marries and has kids without telling his wife he’s into dudes – then one year drops the wife and kids cuz he claims he was not being his real self, was stifled, etc.

); and, are being honest with themselves as to what drives them to such behavior (i.e. a boy who grew up being raised by a woman w/o a male figure in the picture – so, he picked up feminine traits).

Chances are that you came about this article because of you wanting to know the reasons why your husband wears panties. The thought of seeing him this way has always been ridiculously shameful to you and this has left a lot of worries in your mind with series of questions flowing into your mind asking whether hes a bisexual or a gay. The truth is: you are not alone in this, some time ago, while randomly searching through the internet, I stumbled on a question of a woman on Health24 who is equally as worried as you, asking this same question why her husband wears panties. According to a sexology expert when a man exhibits this behavior he is a cross-dresser (transvestite) with a cuckolding fantasy.

Looking at the above perceptions of the society about the cross-dressers, Matti Silver has debunked all of them, starting from being haters of women. Ironically, most crossdressers have been said to be married, and this makes this a mere assumption that they are misogynists.

Transgenders according to ISNA means, People who who are born with typical male or female anatomies but feel as though theyve been born into the wrong body. However, a cross-dresser only heterosexual men who like to dress up in women’s clothes. Therefore, these are two different states of beings. The fact is when we have two different worlds wrapped and framed into a whole, it gives provides wider chances of knowing better than when we have just one identity. For a crossdresser, they are embodiments of the two different genders and that makes them relate effortlessly with others, and in turn, they get to gather more experience about life.

Being a crossdresser, you tend to forcefully acknowledge the fact that what people cherish in another gender can equally be found in you, and vis–vis. Your newfound love in the hetero-normative gender is most likely not strange to crossdressers parents. Cross dressing has been said to help in reducing the stress associated with being a man.

There is a true joy that flows in the mind after being dressed up like the real image of a person you feel you are as a crossdresser. The process entails in changing into a female cloth serves as enjoyment to most crossdressers. You wouldnt need to explain pretty much about everything going on- the menstrual pain, post-pregnancy challenges and several other advanced natures of women.

Wife of a crossdresser, just as the man must have learned lots about women folks, the wife too will have no option than to explore about men in this same manner. he knows the right spots to touch to make you moan and reach orgasm as many times as possible. With a crossdresser husband, you dont have to worry about finding a readily available assistance with the care of your baby.

As much as hes a crossdresser, he loves everything about the role of a woman; therefore, he will be more as willing to see that he offers you handout every now and then with the kids. You are just going to have a restful mind at all times, unlike when you are married to a regular man, a crossdresser is almost not capable of double dating: We mean with other ladies, as he might have quite a few of them as friends, but hes not going to fuck them anyway. Despite the fact that the society treats women with a lesser respect than men, a crossdresser husband will most of the time discountenance this, as his failure to do so will defeat his state of being.

What will make other men to pull out of a relationship, he would not do that because he now has an immeasurable soft spot for you, not as an ordinary wife, but as a true friend and a companion. Just like every other human being, crossdressers equally have some traits which appear as a challenge to their immediate family. The wife of a crossdresser might not cut out for living with a husband with a cross-dressing lifestyle, not because she hates them, but because she just cannot force herself to like the idea.

This contributes more to the reason why a relationship easily gets dissolved if the wife cant bear the feeling of keeping a crossdresser as a husband. A crossdresser will most likely not be thoroughly accepted by friends; the reason is not for any other thing other than the fact that most of his friends would find it difficult to relate with him, as they will often feel they cant fit into his lifestyle, and at the same time keeping him at arms length will appear to be hostile, which they would want to avoid by all means. A woman gets to be clever in some areas, particularly when she needs some expensive designers; she cannot easily bamboozle her crossdresser of a husband as hes more than likely know how everything works.

A crossdresser husband might take things to a whole higher level by displaying extreme behaviors of a woman in public, which might lead to embarrassment not only to him but to his wife and children. Their coming in terms with who they are could really be hard as the society has lots of misconception about them; however, with the very many things that have been said about them in this article, you should now know that your husband likes wearing panties mean hes a crossdresser and being one affords you more benefits than what you stand to gain as opposed to what you benefit from a regular man. A hopeless romantic that struggled for many years to find her Mr “Right” and made all the mistakes you could think of while dating.

Known for always choosing the wrong guys or messing up relationships, Sonya was finally able to change her approach and mindset when it came to dating which helped her eventually find the man of her dreams and become happily married.

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